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Climate Change
Environment & Sustainable Development

Development is the key factor for the survival of human beings. Sometime for the unplanned development or unethical development of particular needs its goes to against of the balance environment. Which result hamper to all walks of life's. From the inception (1997) AFEAHRD started its activities on Sustainable Environment in Grater Dhaka City (The capital of Bangladesh). In the year 1997 Dhaka was one of the most polluted mega cities of the world. AFEAHRD selected the priority issues to take an example for sustainable environment in Dhaka City. Banning the Polythene Shopping Bag, Save Rivers and wetlands from illegal encroachment around Dhaka city and Banning Two Stroke Engine were some success stories for sustainable development. With cooperation of the Government of Bangladesh, some NGOs partnered with AFEAHRD in these activities.

Paper on Activity Earth Summit-2002

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