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SPONDON...(One Step Ahead; Housewives’ Spondon)
Who we are :

We are housewife. We already know or eager to know about the products which have market demand. We are the members of AFEAHRD under Spondon program.

What we do :

AFEAHRD Spondon members contribute the money to the coordinators as program cost. Under the supervision of the Spondon coordinators through organizers the housewives / small entrepreneurs are making the item/products in their house. Organizers are taking the responsibility to accomplish the products which has been made by the housewives/small entrepreneurs. Contributors, coordinators and organizers together are taking initiative to sell item/products. Besides Spondon has a regular display center at 68 Khilgaon Chowdhury Para (3rd Floor), Dhaka-1219. Spondon also participated in most of the Fair in Dhaka city. Overall a good advisory board regularly monitoring / evaluating the whole programs.Training Program: Any housewife can participate in our regular training program. Training programs are divided into two categories for organizers and for small entrepreneurs.

Main motto :

More than 5o% of the country populations are woman amongst more than 40% are housewives. They are staying out of our country economy. They are neglecting from the society in different ways and also violating their rights due to lack of empowerment. The main motto of the program is to help the housewives so that they can earn.

How you can be a part :

Any housewife can be a member of Spondon program. Amongst members the interested housewives can be organizer or small entrepreneur. The organizers and small entrepreneurs will be the part of the revenue of the Spondon program.

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